CSA (Child Sexual Abuse) education, and awareness training. Is it for me?
Taking CSA training is not an admission of guilt or something to be ashamed of but instead a pro-active educational approach to a real and serious issue.

CSA awareness training like Ministrysafe's online course, Childs Lures Prevention Parent's Guide and Student's Workbook, or Darkness to Light's online course provides parents with the tools needed to protect their children. If parents are in a pro-active, educated, and "trust but verify" mode the danger posed by a potential CSA offender is very low.

One good thing about non-parents taking CSA awareness training is that they could be in a position to help with the majority of child abuse, which is committed by the victim's own parents and relatives. Thus they might be a child's only hope of help. (Source; Perpetrators by Maltreatment Type and Relationship to Victims, 2008)

CSA awareness training doesn't have to be our main focus but can be part of a effective system of checks and balances quietly working in the background for the good of our children.

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Here is a review from one who recently took this training;

"Last night I took the online course, which is only $15.00. It is geared toward parents, and I found it so positive and hopeful. It is the resource I wish every parent and grandparent - or anyone who has the care of children - would take advantage of. It took me about three and a half hours to go through it. If a person had no background in CSA issues, it no doubt would take longer. It would be so worth the effort. When this kind of information is common among all people, we will make tremendous progress in the matter of protecting our children from CSA. Here are the basic addresses for their programs. I hope you have opportunity to share them far and wide."

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Some might wonder, "I am not a minister so why should I take MinistrySafe training?" In a phone conversation with MinistrySafe they said they looked at the most stringent laws specifying CSA training requirements in the USA and developed training to meet the requirements outlined. The most stringent law they found is the Texas Youth Camp Act. MinistrySafe thinks every state will have a similar law by 2015.

The Texas Youth Camp Act doesn't apply to religious ministries only but also includes settings like Boy Scouts, YMCA camps, etc. MinistrySafe considers their CSA training to be applicable training for volunteers and staff, not only those in the ministry. In other words it is good pro-active training for anyone who has contact with children. A number have taken the MinistrySafe online course and thought it was very good, even for parents. has purchased a MinistrySafe training module and will provide the training free for any who are interested in taking it. Contact us with your name and e-mail address if you are interested. The training takes about 1-2 hours then there is a simple test. MinistrySafe will e-mail you a certificate of completion.

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Child Lures Prevention has interesting workbooks available for parents and children. There are a lot of links on Child Lures Prevention including various hotlines and links.

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